Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hi bloggers! It has been a while since my last post! My week has been going good so far. Crazy though, I feel 90 some days :( ... Today, as soon as I woke up, I just felt totally drained. After walking all over campus, my body felt quite sore, like... I da no. I'm tired :(... I had a great workout tonight before my staff meeting @ the y. Started out with a power walk/run around the upstairs track. Warmed up in the aerobics room with: fast paced stepups using 11 risers! That was a duzy! I did 100 of those... straight into 2min jumping jacks, 7min jump rope, 1min mountain climbers. What a warm up i'm tellin you!! Then headed into the gym for some heavy squats, ended those w/ jump squats using the bar totaling 75lb... not that much, but I was cautious ;). I added in 15pushups w/ dumbbells in between sets... well 15 mostly... got weaker as the workout got longer. Then straight into calf jumps w/ 25lb ea. hand. Umm lets see, think that was it?? Oh yeah, I finished up back on the track upstairs... 50 roll squats w/ a jump, wall sits throwing 10lb medicine ball to a partner, ran to the water fountain & back, 50 more roll squats, abs, power walk, walking lunges, bear crawls, & DONE! It was a great workout! I should have done a little more strength stuff, but the staff meeting awaits!

Hope all is well with you peoples! School has been really good. I only took 4classes, so my load feels very slow, easy on the body, & manageable! Only God knows how much I needed to slow down! During my pushups today, I kept losing my breath, like someone punched me in the back. I am really praying that my endurance for life comes back! School, work, workout, & home is a great chore, something that is just goin to have to get done. I can feel that one day I will crash, I'm close! I do pray that working in the real world will be much easier, routinely, lunch break, coffee hour, no 24hr brain drive, and constant push to get to the next place & time of my life!!!

So, my mom calls Johnson & Wales for me today! That phone call is something I have needed to make for a long time, but as simple as a phone call sounds, it has been quite burdensome on me. So thank you mom for doing the honors :) ! I'm sending the money tomorrow for my Fall 2012 enrollment!!!!! Can't believe it! Kinda scary! But, I think it will be good! I just hope that I will have the umff to study & work hard... AGAIN. I guess that's life. I probably could handle a lot more than I am able to now if I would just get my discipline back! Sometimes easier said than done! I workout, but I'm like heck no when it comes to 5 & 6 am workouts :( Well, that just leaves room for weight gain, frustration, & well a long & tiresome day.

This blogg is probably boring you to tears! :) I guess I just like writing how I feel at times. It kinda helps me think... think think think. I am going to get better. I have to!

The kitty wants to run too :)
Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who I see When I look through the mirror...

Jesus, Dance through me...

Walk with me...

Father... guide my footsteps and all of my ways...

...Jesus, be the center of me...

Shew and moments

Well, ok so today was good, this week has been great {well ya no, better :) } I have been doing great with my running this week! How??? Not sure, it just happened, woohoo! Monday night, I sent a txt to this girl, Kaitlyn, that I work w/ @ McAlister's Deli, to see if she wanted to run Tuesday morning at 6:30a. She sounded excited to run w/ me! So we ran 45min around Boone, in the pitch black, dark morning. Oh how it felt so good, so fun. So, because running w/ people takes away any feelings of "having2 run", I sent out another txt to a girl in one of my nutrition classes. She is an awesome athlete with three kids and a husband. Although she still travels from Wilkes daily, she still was very excited to get out and run. We had the most awesome run!!! We ran a very intense 52min with a mixture of flat ground, hill sprints, rolling hills, and stairs. I love to run w/ her because we are actually/ pretty much on the same level! Which is awesome! I usually have to slow down the entire run or have to walk, but today was perfect.

Ok, so any way, I guess you can tell that I have been workout buddy deprived :). For real, it's kinda killed me mentally and physically. I need that zone of friendly workout conversation to keep me focused, in shape, and well yeah happy. I get pretty depressed when I don't know anyone, or if I do know the people around me, there seems to always be a barrier between me and them. I will be honest, I'm pretty much an aloner. I will make friends, but for some reason, I cannot get to close to them. So, a workout relationship works out pretty well for me. Anything other than that, I feel vulnerable in a way, meaning the other person finds out way2 much about me, then well, yeah, I get scared, and back away. Again! I always do that. It's frustrating. I met 3great girls on the 3rd floor, great christians. But, for some reason, I just can't make myself get to know them any more than I do. I really really like them though. I don't know. Does that make any sense or am I just weird? I'm probably just weird. Well it's4 real. When I was younger, it seemed that my friends that knew me the most, ended up being the ones that hurt me the most. So, I bought a dog, something that would not kill over within 3years like my lil Guinney Pig, Pookey. My dog, Kayley, has been one of my greatest pals ever. For seven years, she has always been by my side, no matter what. When I cry, she knows, some how she always knows when I'm hurting or upset. She would jump all over me and lick me like crazy, which 4ever made me laugh. She is even there when I perform my daily pushups. lol I'ts pretty funny. I get licked within every pushup and end up smashing the dog, but that's her fault :). So yeah, Kate's my pal :)

Man, I have made it through another week! This week has been so busy (thank God!), but it has been good. I hate to be in the place being lonely and bored, not good! Last week was hard, because I was faced with several test failures, loneliness, little home sick, miss my dog, miss John and Sara, was not sure if I should continue working at McAlister's, and so on. So, like I said before, WORRY4 Nothing, Be anxious4 Nothing!

Yes it's true, I'm really thinking about giving up my campus job :( :( :(. I really enjoy coming into work @ 8:00 in the morning with a stream of "good morning.. hey Elizabeth how are you.. hey honey, ok now do the lettuce, lol in exact words :)" I enjoy working, because that's one thing that is mine. My job, my responsibility. If I know my job and do well, I feel empowered. Unfortunately, the job honestly is taxing on my body in order to function afterwards for Finance tutoring, Purchasing class, then sweat to get to my Finance class across campus. By the time I finish my day at 5pm, I am so run down, my feet hurt, it's easier to get behind in school and depressed. One reason I try to line up a work out the instant I get out at 5pm.. zone out and breath... just zone out and breath!! Today, once I started running, my feet quit aching, my stomach quit hurting, and I felt so relieved, Shew.

After my run tonight, I came back into my dorm for a nice hot shower, oh it was so great, so great! I overheard my suit mates in the other room talking about a Study Abroad information session with a Mexican Dinner, downstairs of our building. I opened the bathroom door and asked them about it. It was goin2 go on in 30min. Knowing me, I was thinkin, "well you guys go have fun", but I'm like no, "are you guys goin???" So I walked downstairs with them to the thing. It was actually fun! I offered to help prepare the mexican dinner and got my picture made several times, lol... oh after a run to, my hair was not all that great. But, the pics will be posted on the Appstate web site somewhere. I'll keep you posted on that. I was "Elizabeth Horton, the cheese prep", I thought that was cool. The meal was great! I was starving.

Well, My Law book seems to be calling out to me. Guess I better go see what it has to say tonight, my guess is a bunch of stuff about contracts and obligations.

Have a great night! ~ long blog, and honestly not sure what all I talked about, but it's probably something that's weighing on my heart that needs to be addressed and heard. Thank you for listening.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Think on These Things

Hello bloggers :) So today has been a good day so far. Work was good, no complaints, however, I never knew lettuce could be such a pain to deal with. But, overall, work keeps me going. So, I am writing to you in avoidance of my school work overload. Taking a mental break.

This morning while I was spinning lettuce, I began to think of who God is, how He works, and well why. God takes the sin and cares of the world onto his shoulders. No man put forth on earth has the ultimate powers of the Living God. Meditating on that, I started to think of how can we focus on the worries and fears of life that creep up from time to time, when we least expect it. Knowing this, I quickly turned my focus back on the lettuce... Being creative is the most awesome gift. (I am rambling, but>) A meek and quiet spirit comes when we put our focus and thoughts in the right place and on the right things. Here are a few quotes that I quote in my head daily to keep my mind straight: "Be anxious for nothing" "Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will take care of itself" "Love does not boast or envy; love lacks nothing; love is merciful and kind; love never fails" "whatever is lovely, honorable, and of good report, think on these things!"

Well, here and always, have a good day! Elizabeth

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Appalachian Girl

Hello people! I am living in Boone! Kinda shocking :) n going to Appalachian. So today has been a good day. It started off great, I got up out of bed at 6am, got ready, fixed lunch (1/2 turkey sandwich), some snacks (triscuits, 1/4 string cheese, carrots, and n apple), then fixed my breakfast. I had hot oats w/ 1/4 banana,fruit pieces, milk, and an apple sauce cup. I quickly cleaned my bowl n spoon, :) said hello to roommate #2, then headed out the door to the Library. I am so privileged to see the most amazing views as I go to and from my dorm room and roaming the campus roads. My beautiful view contains the gorgeous duck pond and its water fountain...

My Journey to work is so refreshing, containing beautiful stone archways...

My first day of work at McAlister's Deli :)...

As you can see, I take great pride in my job and having the privilege of working...

And my face shows quite the expression of fatigue or my first day of school exhaustion.

Ok, so back on track with my day.... So, today I got up early and headed towards the Library. It's kinda cool to say that I have a 24hr Library. One night I was in the library after 11pm and 2 cops were running the desk... ~ mysterious ~......

The Library was nice and quiet this morning with many studious people at work. I chose to sit near the windows at the large wooden tables. The library is quite beautiful. My favorite floor is the 3rd floor, out of 4, b/c it's the "quiet floor". I guess I just like the name.

So, here I am sitting in this large chair in the library studying The Law of Environmental Business. I took long extensive notes for an hour n fifteen min before class. And what do you know, right as class started @ 9:30am, we were asked to tare out a blank sheet of paper for a quiz! Yikes! But it was great, because I had just reviewed and rewrote the Jurisdiction of Federal Court! And, what do you know, that was the quiz... Shew, thank goodness :)...

I. Subject of Matter Jurisdiction II) Territorial a. in Personam b. in Rem III) Federal Question IV) Diversity of Citizenship. Now, don't you feel educated... lol no sorry couldn't help myself but to fill you in on what I am studying.

Tuesday night, after my Environmental Health class, I passed one of the professors office and couldn't help but to laugh:

This little sign made my night :)! I was tired and hungry, but this guys creativity was just so cheerful, I couldn't help but smile all the way home. I thought it was quite funny to see a man of great stature that obtained his Doctorate Degree put this on his door. Very cute :)

Tomorrow, Fri, September 3rd, Me and my mom are going to Old Salem to kinda celebrate her early Birthday present. I have not been there since the 3rd grade. So, stay tuned for more upcoming events in the life of, well, Me :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010


hmmmm ahh hey bloggers... It's been awhile huh??? ! ? I hope all of you have been doing well. I'm good, just pretty tired and feel a little sick. I have been working way2 much lately and have the most disasterouse room you have ever seen! I went running 2day B4 church! I really needed that, it has been a while since I've been able to really get a good run in. My hips are my proof :( So sad, but I am extremely determined to get my body back where it should and has to be! So determined, but I HATEEEE cutting back on my diet! I stay so freaken miserable when I have2 do that, so I would rather just run than watch every measly carb that enters my body... ya no :) Oh how I love oatmeal :) I seriously could eat it all the time... me n my mom were talking of starting an oatmeal diet. lol not serious, but it would be cool.

My dog has been fighting dog allergies for like months it seems. She has been biting her feet and the back of her tail til she is like reddish brown :( The vet prescribed this "top of the line"... "new on the market" allergy medicine. He said it was only $49.00 for 15days and that I was supposed to give her the pill everyday for a month, then slowly decrease to one pill a week... What a way to cure puppy allergies!!!! So... I'm like, "so what was the pill that you guys prescribed B4 this one came on the market???" Well, yeah so he was like, "oh that was just some blah ble blah pill, this one is much better." I left the vet with nothing and went to Wal-Mart. I found this dog oil that has wheatgerm oils and lots of other minerals. My mom pours it on Kayley's dog food every night with an allergy pill. She absolutely loves the stuff and I only paid $8.00 for the oil and the allergy pill. Success!

I now have a much happier pooch!

Well, I just thought I would stop n say hello... 4give me... I'm a little overwhelmed. It's pretty bad, and I am embarrassed to say this, but I have been promising someone a nutrition plan since May!!!!!!! Don't ask what my problem is, I just can't seem to catch up with anything or with any body. I'm forcing myself to do better though, I have got to... I cannot afford this lack of discipline. In September, I will only be working @ the Y 4days! That will really help my tiredness levels... I hope.

Ok, I guess I am goin to go back to bed now... sweet dreams bloggers :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Dental Experience :0)

Hello Bloggers! It has been a very good day so far... thank goodness! No, but this weekend was quite an ordeal for me. Saturday, I had the great opportunity to get my wisdom teeth pried out of my mouth! The Moms of Mercy Dental Clinic traveled to Sparta, NC to offer low income family's [or students] ;) to get their teeth worked on for free. Most of the dental people were dental students from all over North Carolina, and I knew several of them! That brought me a lot of comfort in the midst of watching hundreds of people w/ bloody mouths :4 Four of the students were from my college, WCC that I graduated from! It was really cool to see them in there uniform and out from under their Biology books.

So, anyway... I wanted to fill you in on my little dental experience. Saturday morning me and my mom got up at 4am to leave the house by 4:50am. I met two of my friends at the Melody Square, the little antique mall down the road. We then headed up the mountain to Sparta. I wish I felt good enough on the way home to capture some pictures. It is so pretty up there. We passed 4 deer on the side of the road beside streams. I wondered how long it would take to get to Charlotte from there, and sadly my mom said ~ 3hours... not duable for the fam... but it would be a pretty little place to visit anyway. While my mom waited on me for 9 HOURS! to get my teeth taken out, she roamed the little downtown streets. She sent me a txt while I sat there in anxiety :)... showing me a little coffee shop... Oh coffee, I thought. Finally! The Oral Surgeon was ready to see me. I was the last patient to see him, and he only saw six that day! There were like 50 dental students, so people who came hours before me just walzed right up in front of me. Sad, but they wanted me to only see this one dude named, Dr. Rabe... They claimed he was the finest. So, I waited all day long to see the finest :) I guess that's not such a bad offer. He gave up his entire day for the clinic for free, on top of his 60hr work week. He looked exhausted, but he was so nice to me... which I was truly grateful. After the surgery, I was so hungry!!! But, oh so numb... I wish that he did not give me so many shots. I could not talk at all, not at all after that.

Ok, so about 7pm that night I managed to pour soup in my mouth. It was so good. I then helped with the dishes and cleaned my room. After all of that, I was ready to hit the bed. My mom woke me up ~ 11pm to give me some extreme pain killer. I don't do meds at all, except for Advil, so that was like way to much. My mouth would not stop bleeding at all that day, so as I was changing the guaze... I was on the floor soaking wet! I then just repeatedly kept asking "why am I wet." My mom was like "Elizabeth! You fainted... whats wrong!" honestly was kind of funny... but the scary part was... my vision left me for ~ 1min. I then was kinda freiked b/c I felt dizzy, no vision, and hungry to an extreme! I then sat on the floor and pushed myself down the stairs to get food. My mom fixed me some oatmeal... I loved it... Then my mom had txt my brother n he came home in a flash. He left ~2am to go to Wallgreens and Wal-Mart to buy me some Ensure and soup. What a weekend it was! I finally was able to leave the house yesterday. I have really enjoyed my time at home... even though I'm in a lil pain... there is nothing like home. I cleaned, practiced my ballet, worshiped, organized the cats "pad/house" downstairs (she is so much happier).

Shew... ok, I really better shut up b4 I lose some of you readers... a lil long I know.... sorry :)