Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hi bloggers! It has been a while since my last post! My week has been going good so far. Crazy though, I feel 90 some days :( ... Today, as soon as I woke up, I just felt totally drained. After walking all over campus, my body felt quite sore, like... I da no. I'm tired :(... I had a great workout tonight before my staff meeting @ the y. Started out with a power walk/run around the upstairs track. Warmed up in the aerobics room with: fast paced stepups using 11 risers! That was a duzy! I did 100 of those... straight into 2min jumping jacks, 7min jump rope, 1min mountain climbers. What a warm up i'm tellin you!! Then headed into the gym for some heavy squats, ended those w/ jump squats using the bar totaling 75lb... not that much, but I was cautious ;). I added in 15pushups w/ dumbbells in between sets... well 15 mostly... got weaker as the workout got longer. Then straight into calf jumps w/ 25lb ea. hand. Umm lets see, think that was it?? Oh yeah, I finished up back on the track upstairs... 50 roll squats w/ a jump, wall sits throwing 10lb medicine ball to a partner, ran to the water fountain & back, 50 more roll squats, abs, power walk, walking lunges, bear crawls, & DONE! It was a great workout! I should have done a little more strength stuff, but the staff meeting awaits!

Hope all is well with you peoples! School has been really good. I only took 4classes, so my load feels very slow, easy on the body, & manageable! Only God knows how much I needed to slow down! During my pushups today, I kept losing my breath, like someone punched me in the back. I am really praying that my endurance for life comes back! School, work, workout, & home is a great chore, something that is just goin to have to get done. I can feel that one day I will crash, I'm close! I do pray that working in the real world will be much easier, routinely, lunch break, coffee hour, no 24hr brain drive, and constant push to get to the next place & time of my life!!!

So, my mom calls Johnson & Wales for me today! That phone call is something I have needed to make for a long time, but as simple as a phone call sounds, it has been quite burdensome on me. So thank you mom for doing the honors :) ! I'm sending the money tomorrow for my Fall 2012 enrollment!!!!! Can't believe it! Kinda scary! But, I think it will be good! I just hope that I will have the umff to study & work hard... AGAIN. I guess that's life. I probably could handle a lot more than I am able to now if I would just get my discipline back! Sometimes easier said than done! I workout, but I'm like heck no when it comes to 5 & 6 am workouts :( Well, that just leaves room for weight gain, frustration, & well a long & tiresome day.

This blogg is probably boring you to tears! :) I guess I just like writing how I feel at times. It kinda helps me think... think think think. I am going to get better. I have to!

The kitty wants to run too :)
Talk to you soon!